Port Agency

FAK Cargo is a Port AgencyEvery port call requires a nominated agent to protect the operational and financial interests of the principal and the ship. FAK Worldwide has through the years gained the trust of ship owners and charterers. We specialize in break bulk, general cargo, RO/RO and container ships for liner and tramp agency functions at all the major ports on the West coast of India.

– Performing and protective agent services.
– 24×7 coordination and liaison between principals, the ship, port authorities and customs.
– A track record of prompt vessel berthing and turnaround time.
– Complete array of vessel husbandry services.
– Cargo canvassing and a strong marketing team is our strength.
– Value added services- customs brokerage, transport, packing, freight forwarding.
– Stevedoring services with in-house equipment and transport.
– Specific attention to building excellent relations with local authorities, shippers, consignees.
– Complete transparency of disbursement account and effective utilization of finances.

For enquiries contact + 91 22 2682 4568 or info@fakcargo.com